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Asked by: Mohamed Smitham
Updated: 26 February 2021 02:17:00 AM

How to use pole saw?

The correct position for using a pole saw is to stand off to the side of the branch, not directly below it. This position will reduce your chances of injury when the wood falls out of the tree. Make sure you can hold the end of your pole saw at chest level too. You want the pole saw to be at an angle while you cut.

Bearing this in mind what is the rope for on a pole saw?

When professional arborists drop a large piece of wood, they use ropes in a pulley system to safely slow its descent to the ground. When you cut branches with pole saws and pruners, you can't do that; you have to let the wood drop uncontrolled. High or heavy wood can damage, hurt, and kill when it falls.

Adding to that, how do you use a manual pole saw with a rope?

You need to use both your hands to stabilize the pole saw and rest it on top of the branch. You then need to position yourself where you're not directly under the branch. Position the saw pole on the cutting spot and hold the pole saw at chest level. After positioning yourself, you can now start cutting.

Moreover, the question is is a pole saw worth it?

While pole saws can make pruning a whole lot easier, they're not right for every situation. That is, if you only need to control prune thin twigs, vines, or foliage, you may not need a pole saw. However, if you aim to cut branches between two and eight inches in diameter, a pole saw could be just the ticket.
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What is the longest pole saw available?

The Husqvarna 327PT5S is the longest reaching pole saw on the market, along with being the most powerful.

What's the best saw for cutting tree branches?

Since they're light-weight and easy to use, reciprocating saws are extremely efficient in trimming tree branches. The only drawback to using a reciprocating saw is the cord.

How long can a pole saw be?

With a pole saw, your most basic manual form is going to be a long pole that's often extendable to around 10-20 feet, and a horizontal hacksaw-like blade on end, usually with a slight curve.

How far should tree branches be from house?

Branches can fall and break the house or do some serious damage to windows and siding. Just make sure that any trees or large bushes are at least 10 to 30 feet away from the foundation of your house.

What to use to cut high branches?

Here are 7 ways to trim high tree branches:
  1. Use a pole pruner.
  2. Use a pole saw.
  3. Use a pocket saw with a rope.
  4. Use a ladder with a pruner or pruning saw.
  5. Rent a bucket lift.
  6. Climb the tree using ropes and harness.
  7. Use a phone to call a professional.

How big of a branch can a pole saw cut?

Previously we said the obvious answer that a pole saw can cut in between 3 to 8-inches of thick branches.

Are pole saws easy to use?

Like with anything you do for the first time, using a pole saw may be a bit difficult at the beginning. But after you get used to the how the tool works, and understand what it takes to keep the chainsaw head positioned well at the end of a pole, you'll be able to cut branches and limbs much more quickly.

How do you trim tree branches yourself?

Trim away growth coming from the roots or base of the trunk. Prune out dead branches and twigs. Cut out water sprouts—those are weak, stringy branches that usually grow in clusters and sit perfectly upright on tree branches. If you have a younger tree, prune out limbs that are competing with the leader branch.

What do you use to cut thick tree branches?

With a longer handle and sturdier blade, loppers can cut branches up to 2 inches thick. Like pruning shears, loppers come as anvil or bypass.

How do you protect a tree after cutting a limb?

A tree pruning sealer is a specially designed waterproof product that is applied, or “painted,” onto the exposed cut on a limb or branch after pruning. For many, many years — and still to this day in some cases — people were told by an arborist that tree wound had to be covered with a sealant.

Does Home Depot sell pole saws?

Pole Saws - Chainsaws - The Home Depot.

Can you use a pole saw on a ladder?

While it is feasible that you can use a pole saw on a ladder and not be injured, risk of injury and accident significantly increases at heights. Pole saws are designed so you can operate on high trees while keeping your feet firmly on the ground.

What is best time to trim trees?

Sometime between the changing leaves in fall and flower blooms in spring, your trees need a trim. Anytime between late fall and early spring is best for tree trimming or pruning. Talk to your local arborist about pruning before spring blooms emerge.

How much does it cost to rent a pole saw?

Pole Pruner, Gas Saw
Min RateMin HoursDay Rate

Can dead trees come back to life?

Identifying whether a tree is dead or living can sometimes be a very tricky task – especially in the winter time when every tree can look dead. While it is possible, yet sometimes difficult, to revive some sick or dying trees it is impossible to bring a dead tree back to life.

Are pole saws safe?

Pole saws are designed to cut and prune tree limbs. Deviating from that can lead to serious accidents and injuries. Do not use the saw to cut bushes, shrubs, trees and plants.

Are battery pole saws any good?

Greenworks 20672 Cordless Pole Saw – Editor's Choice
1 choice as it has tremendous power due to 40 V Battery life which has one of the longest working duration on this list, also its weight is 8.36 lbs without power unit which means it's easy to handle. In one charge we were able to cut 65 Cuts easily on average.

When should you not trim trees?

You are very wise to ask before cutting, Rich — from now through the beginning of winter is the worst possible time to remove healthy branches from a tree, especially one as magnificent as a river birch! Pruning during the growing season always stimulates new growth.

Should I cut dead branches off my tree?

“If you want to grow a healthy tree that can live for a long time, pruning is a must,” says Jason Parker of Davey's North Philadelphia, Pennsylvania office. “Specifically, cutting off dead or diseased branches helps keep you and your home safe.”

Can you trim hedges with a pole saw?

For thicker limbs well above your height and the ground, pole saws will come in handy. While pole saws are largely aimed to tackle individual branches, regardless of the size, and trim trees exclusively, it can be used to trim hedges, vines and brambles occasionally.

Can you kill a tree by cutting branches?

Over pruning reduces the foliage that's available for making food for the rest of the plant and can allow pests and diseases access to the tree, if cuts are made incorrectly. So, although pruning may not kill your plant directly, over pruned trees and shrubs can die as a long term result of the associated stress.

Can I cut a tree root without killing the tree?

Root cutting and removal can indeed be accomplished without crippling or killing your tree. Trunk Proximity – The closer to the trunk that roots are cut, the more significant and severe the damage will be to your tree. 25% Rule – Never remove more than 25% of a tree's roots. The tree will likely die or fall, or both.

Which is better gas or electric pole saw?

They might be louder and more expensive than either type of electric pole saw, but gas-powered pole saws give professionals and homeowners alike the freedom to work across large tracts of land and to take down thicker branches without running out of power.

What is the best pole saw for the money?

The Best Pole Saws of 2021
  • Greenworks 20672 Cordless Pole Saw. Best Battery Pole Saw.
  • Sun Joe SWJ800E 8-Inch Pole Saw. Best Pole Saw for the Money.
  • Black + Decker Max 8-Inch Pole Saw. Best Electric Pole Saw.
  • Remington RM25PS Maverick Gas Pole Saw. Best Gas Pole Saw.
  • DocaPole 6-24 Foot Pruning Saw.
  • Maxtra Gas Pole Saw.

What should I look for in a pole saw?

The larger your yard, the more powerful your pole saw. Tree coverage/height: If your yard contains a lot of older, larger trees, pole saw length is going to be very important to you. Additionally, a cordless pole saw may be easier to use when dealing with taller trees.

Can I remove dead branches?

Diseased, dead and broken branches should be removed right away. Pruning for shape isn't necessary until the first winter after planting. Regular pruning throughout the life of a tree reduces the amount of work necessary and the stress on the tree.